Not sure what to DO to recover from narcissistic abuse?

Here are 8 'Life Moves' to accelerate your healing

You understand what it means to survive narcissistic abuse as a scapegoat child....

But do you still find it hard to:

…know who is safe to be close to? 

…put your needs first?

…set boundaries with people who mistreat you?

…set boundaries with people who treat you well?

…see & talk about yourself positively?

…speak up for yourself?

…express appropriate anger?

…know what you deserve?

If you answered 'yes' to some or all of these questions then it may be time for action in your recovery.

This online course and community offers adult scapegoat survivors 8 life moves that do just this.

These life moves help you shape your life and relationships into sources of safety, appreciation and encouragement.

This course empowers adult scapegoat survivors to act on their own behalf


"This course has been instrumental in my journey, not just for survival, but for truly thriving."

Put the 3 Pillars of Recovery into Action


A Thriving Community of Survivors

Pillar 1

Make sense of what happened

2 Life Moves to Shed the Label of Scapegoat

Adult scapegoat survivors had to think of themselves as worthless to survive. These first two life moves will help free you from these painful - and false(!) - feelings and perceptions of yourself.

  • Life Move 1: Getting to Know Yourself Apart from Your Narcissistic Parent's Accusations

  • Life Move 2: Cultivate a Positive (and Accurate) Perception of Your Past Self

Pillar 2

Gain distance from narcissistic abusers

3 Life Moves to Protect & Nurture Yourself

One of the biggest challenges to gaining distance from narcissistic abusers is the threat of retaliation and guilt. These 3 life moves offer a perspective and assignment to challenge and free yourself from guilt, gain experience of what safe people look and feel like and support your efforts to say "No" in your life.

  • Life Move 3: Absolving Yourself of Responsibility for your Parent's Pathological Narcissism

  • Life Move 4: Finding & Getting Close to Safe People

  • Life Move 5: The Challenge and Promise of Setting Boundaries for Scapegoat Survivors

Pillar 3

Defy the narcissist's rules

3 Life Moves to Reclaim What You Had to Sacrifice...

Recovery for adult scapegoat survivors means getting to claim the strengths that were too dangerous to embrace as a child. The prior life moves establish the safety in your life needed to do this. You will practice speaking up in your life, taking action when you are appropriately offended, and living based on what you deserve rather than what is permitted.

  • Life Move 6: Using Your Voice with Others

  • Life Move 7: Understand and Use Your Anger

  • Life Move 8: The Scapegoat Survivor’s Bill of Rights



Join a Community Who Gets It...

One of the worst parts about narcissistic abuse is how alone the survivor often feels. Not anymore! This private facebook group is a community designed exclusively for course students. We emphasize validating your experience in the narcissistic abuse you survived AND recognizing each other's unique strengths as the person they are. Both are important for recovery and the group is designed to offer that. With over 100 members and counting, this community is thriving.

  • Participate in a moderated and safe discussion on the process of recovery

  • Share the challenges and triumphs as you move through the life moves

  • Support and connect to others in their journeys

  • Weekly prompts to share and respond to moments of progress that week

  • Weekly prompts to share something about your life that you take pride in

Sarah's Journey Through the Empowerment Blueprint...

13 Video Lessons

- Over 4 Hours Total

-The script for each video Is


Case Studies

In-depth case examples to illustrate essential points

Facebook Group

Get support from other survivors and use weekly prompts to build on your momentum


Each Life Move comes with an assignment to help you make real change in your life today.


"Since taking the course, I feel lighter and more open. I’m engaging more and challenging myself without being too hard on myself.


"The course guided me to rediscover myself. I've begun to identify my gifts and talents, stepping out of the mental prison I was in. I've learned to accept that changing my mind is okay, and it’s normal to evolve my thoughts and feelings with new information."


"I would 100% recommend this course to others facing narcissistic abuse. The structured, logical approach of the material, along with the quality of the content, has been incredibly helpful."


"The course goes into so much detail and makes things understandable so it’s possible to actually follow it and apply it to change! "


"I would definitely recommend this course to others dealing with narcissistic abuse. The course provides valuable insights, particularly in understanding and defying the narcissistic parent's rules, which is a crucial step in the healing process."


"Interacting with others in the Facebook group, was healing. It was empowering to be among people who have gone through similar experiences and to discuss these experiences openly."


"Since taking the course, I've noticed myself setting boundaries more confidently and plainly without fear. I've been able to express my needs and preferences clearly, which is a significant change for me."


"I am seeing a shift from focusing on understanding the narcissists and their impact on my life to focusing on healing and moving forward in a more meaningful way. "

Why am I qualified to help?

Jay Reid, M.S., LPCC

M.S. Clinical Psychology

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

I am a licensed practicing psychotherapist in San Francisco, CA. I've been working with survivors of narcissistic abuse since 2014.

I focus on this area for a couple reasons:

  • Survivors have had to falsely believe they are much worse than they are - that's not fair! All of my content and services are designed to help survivors know the 'good news' that they are much better than they've been made to believe.

  • I know what it's like to be the scapegoat in my own family of origin. I find purpose and meaning in working with other survivors as they reclaim the quality of life they deserve.

In addition to therapy, I work to promote recovery from narcissistic abuse more broadly. So far this has resulted in a Youtube Channel on the topic of narcissistic abuse, a published book on recovering from narcissistic abuse as a scapegoat survivor 2 academic papers on treating this form of abuse, and online courses for therapists and survivors to treat and recover from such abuse respectively.

Lucy's Journey Through the Empowerment Blueprint...


"I strongly recommend this course to others dealing with narcissistic abuse. It's essential to give oneself this opportunity for healing. It's a commitment to understanding your childhood and overcoming the tendency to downplay your experiences."

What's in the course?

13 Videos + 8 Life Move Assignments

Introduction (5 videos)

  • How the scapegoat child's psychological environment failed them

  • The importance of creating a new safe, responsive and encouraging environment today

  • Complete an assessment (the ANRAS) to know what constricting beliefs you adopted to survive your childhood

  • Introduce the 8 Life Moves in the course & how they help you build your new environment

Life Move 1

  • How a narcissistic parent sets the scapegoat child up to - falsely - believe they are worthless

  • Why the scapegoat child finds it dangerous to know what is good about them

  • Introduce the 3 Case examples that used to illustrate concepts throughout the course: "Alisha", "Maurice", & "Naomi"

  • Assignment: Distinguish your real qualities from what your narcissistic parent claimed about you

Life Move 2

  • Scapegoat survivors find it hard to give themselves credit for who they already are

  • Learn how all of this was done to survive your narcissistic parent's contempt towards you

  • Live from the idea that you are not in need of "redemption"

  • Assignment: Get "objective" information from safe others about yourself to challenge the premise that you were defective in your past.

Life Move 3

  • Your parent's pathological narcissism was/is a psychological disorder you had and have no control over

  • You did not cause, you cannot control, and you cannot cure your parent's pathological narcissism (the 3 C's)

  • Free yourself to gain guilt-free distance from narcissistic abusers today

  • Assignment: Assess which of the 3 C’s you are already practicing and which deserve more inclusion in your life. 

Life Move 4

  • How to find and build experience with safe others

  • Use the "training wheels" of psychotherapy and peer support groups to find acceptance & support

  • Compassionately protect yourself from the trap of social isolation

  • Identify & resolve your hesitations about therapy and peer support groups

  • Assignment: Record your encounters with safe people in therapy, groups, and the course's Facebook community.

Life Move 5

  • Saying "No" was usually forbidden for scapegoat children.

  • This is why setting boundaries today goes right to the heart of the scapegoat survivor's traumatic past.

  • Learn how to set protective boundaries with people who mistreat you - without fear(!)

  • Learn how to set proactive boundaries with people who treat you well - without feeling disloyal(!)

  • Assignment: Identify and work through the specific challenges you experience is setting both types of boundaries.

Life Move 6

  • It can be hard for scapegoat survivors find & use their voice 

  • Speaking up would spell danger with a narcissistic parent

  • Now, speaking up can strengthen your relationship with yourself

  • Compassionately work through shame felt when using your voice

  • Assignment: Ways to practice using your voice with other people, at least once per day.

Life Move 7

  • Scapegoat children had to hide their anger towards their parent if they wanted to survive

  • Survivors can now access and profitably use their anger

  • How to use therapy to resolve your fears about your anger

  • Assignment: Complete assessment on how comfortable you are with your anger today. Use results from the ANRAS above to know what beliefs interfere with your anger. Collect evidence to disprove those beliefs today

Life Move 8

  • A scapegoat survivor was deprived of the basic "rights" that all children deserve.

  • Review a 'Human Bill of Rights’ to know what you can reasonably know you deserve today.

  • Learn how to practice these rights in your life. 

  • Assignment: Complete an assessment to identify which of these rights come easily to you and which are a challenge.  Then build a practice to exercise these rights in your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my money back?

Yes! If you determine you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason, simply email me at [email protected] within 7 days of purchase and I will generate a full refund within 48 hours. No questions asked!

I already took the online course 'Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse', should I take this course too?

This course builds on the foundations set in 'Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse'. While the earlier course introduces the essential principles of recovery from narcissistic abuse, the Empowerment Blueprint helps you put those principles into action. You should benefit significantly from taking this course too.

How long do I have to access the course and the facebook group?

Forever. Once you purchase the course you will have lifetime access to its contents.

Is this a new Facebook group or the group from 'Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse'?

This is a combined facebook group for both courses. 100+ members and counting. So if you purchased the prior course, you can purchase the 'course only' option for the Empowerment Blueprint course.

Is the course self-study or supervised learning?

The videos and assignments are self-study. The accompanying private Facebook group for survivors of narcissistic abuse is a realtime forum to discuss the course, your progress in recovery, and get support for yourself.

Is this original content or videos already on YouTube?

This course is all original content. It is the product of years of study, research and clinical work on what helps scapegoat survivors recover the quality of life they deserve.


"The course has played a significant role in expanding the joyful aspects of my life, allowing me to embrace a complete life with fulfilling relationships, joy, and a full range of emotions."

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