This program is made after helping hundreds of survivors recover

Heal From Narcissistic Abuse in 3 Steps

3 step program that will teach you how to break free from the effects of narcissistic abuse! Get your quality of life back and connect with other survivors in our community along the way.

How this program will help you!


Make sense of what happened

Understand narcissistic abuse and learn why it was not your fault...

Do you often wonder if you're making all of this up? Survivors of narcissistic abuse likely were treated in ways designed to make them question their perceptions, judgments and even their own reality. This step offers a coherent and compassionate understanding of what you went through so that you get to see it was not your fault.

  • Module 1: The scapegoated survivor of childhood narcissistic abuse
  • Module 2: How narcissistic abuse impacts the survivor’s psychology


Gain distance from your narcissistic abuser

Gain psychological & emotional distance from your narcissistic abuser...

Have you felt fearful of your narcissistic abuser's criticism? And equally afraid of losing them? Both are common for survivors of narcissistic abuse. Psychological and emotional distance from such stress is an essential part of recovery. In this section you'll learn and practice why distance is not something to feel guilty about but can be an essential act of self-care.

  • Module 3: The importance of distance from the narcissistic family
  • Module 4: Identifying 'safe' people as friends and partners
  • Module 5: Overcoming challenges in one's recovery


defy the narcissist's rules

Live in defiance of the narcissist's rules...

Do you often feel like you're less important than others? That there's something wrong with you? Survivors of narcissistic abuse often have to survive by believing such things. In these modules, you will learn to identify what beliefs you may have adopted and learn how to successfully challenge and disconfirm them.

  • Module 6: Free yourself from beliefs that keep you ‘at home’
  • Module 7: Separating lovability from competence
  • Module 8: Overcoming challenges in one's recovery


Connect with other survivors

Know you are not alone anymore...

One of the worst parts about narcissistic abuse is how alone the survivor often feels. Not anymore! This private facebook group is a community designed exclusively for course students. You will be joining a group of 'safe' others to start putting the first 3 steps into action.

  • Participate in a moderated and safe discussion on the process of recovery
  • Share the challenges and triumphs in your recovery with 'safe' others
  • Support and connect to others in their journey.

8 Video Lessons

4 hours & 20 minutes Total

Facebook Group

Get support from other survivors of narcissistic abuse


Take specific action to practice the tools for healing


See through the 'haze' of narcissistic abuse to realize the good news about who you really are

Put yourself first in your life.

Identify and disconfirm the beliefs that you are undeserving or defective and live the life you deserve

After taking this course you can expect to:

  • Understand how and why narcissistic abuse impacted you
  • Use that understanding as motivation to care for & protect yourself
  • Resolve feelings of guilt for putting yourself first
  • Find & cultivate relationships that nourish you
  • Participate in a private Facebook group to connect with and find support from other survivors

What do students say about this course?

Take it from those who have already taken the course...


"I have read countless books and have attempted counseling a couple of times in my life and have never felt so in sync with what I am learning...Registering for this course was the best gift I could have possibly given myself at this point in my life."


"Jay’s course gave me...several key ideas that I had never come across in all my years of research to understand the narcissistic abuse I experienced."


"[The most helpful part of this course was]...the concise and wonderfully articulate explanations of how these family systems work, and mechanisms of psychological wounding that happens to the scapegoat in childhood."


"Tremendously helpful for the recovery’s a real bargain."


"This course is packed with mind-opening insights into both the abuse and how to recover from it. There is no padding or fluff, and at times it felt as if his every sentence laid out a breakthrough concept for me."


"I already did quite a lot of research...but nothing out there resonates as well and on point with me as a former scapegoat, than how Jay explains things. I really feel understood and encouraged to trust my own perception again. Thanks Jay for your work!"

99% of Course Reviewers Highly Recommend it

What's in the course?

8 Videos (4+ hours total)

Length: 19min 22sec


  • Introduce the 3 steps to recovery

  • Understand what you can expect from the course

  • Know why it's important to address each step equally

Length: 42min 30sec

Module 1

  • In-depth explanation of the narcissistic person’s psychology

  • The early period of being idealized by the narcissist then "falling from grace" when you want to make your own choices

  • The narcissistic family system and the abuse faced by the scapegoat

  • Being idealized by the narcissist then "falling from grace" when you want to make your own choices

Length: 36min 50sec

Module 2

  • How the survivor may have to split the self into 2 parts

  • One part that's hopeful the narcissist will finally love them

  • Another hidden part that stores all the pain and suffering inflicted by the narcissist

  • Diagrams used to clearly illustrate this process

Length: 31min 20sec

Module 3

  • Why it is harder to leave a narcissistic family than to leave a ‘good-enough’ family

  • How the fear of abandonment and/or retaliation can keep one 'hooked'

  • How distance 'breaks the spell' of the narcissistic family

  • Concrete strategies to create such distance

Length: 37min 58sec

Module 4

  • Define what a 'safe' relationship means for you

  • Safety can include the presence of feeling cared about - not just the absence of harm

  • Trusting your feelings when it comes to finding safe people

  • Walk through an assignment in detail that will help you identify the most to least safe people in your life

Length: 30min 26sec

Module 5

  • Commonly held beliefs adopted to survive narcissistic abuse

  • These beliefs center around feeling undeserving and/or defective

  • How gaining distance & safe relationships can help you disconfirm these beliefs

Length: 26min 07sec

Module 6

  • The coping strategy of fusing your lovability with your competence

  • Having compassion & respect for why you had to adopt this strategy

  • Appreciating how it spared you knowledge of the narcissist's contempt for you

  • Ways to develop an unconditionally positive relationship with yourself

Length: 36min 24sec

Module 7

  • How to overcome these 3 common challenges in recovery:

  • Expecting rejection when trying to meet new safe people

  • Feeling like a bad person for creating distance from a narcissistic abuser

  • Losing patience with yourself in the process of recovery

What else do students say about this course?

Take it from those who have already taken the course...


"This is exactly what I needed. Jay is excellent as I have already become aware of from his Youtube videos. I am so glad this course is available."


"I've also benefitted from the combined wisdom in the facebook group. It's so refreshing to speak to other people who were impacted by these same patterns. It's helpful to learn from other people's comments. It's helping me release my harsh self-blame for situations I wished I'd managed differently. Thank you for that. "


"Jay understands the impact of having survived a narcissistic family as a scapegoat in a way that no one else does. His insights are unique and have allowed me to view narcissistic abuse from a different angle. These videos have helped me tremendously on my healing journey to put into context what I have survived as well as providing me with the tools necessary to heal. I recommend Jay's videos to anyone who has been a scapegoat! Thank you Jay for sharing your knowledge and story, it is very much appreciated!!!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my money back?

Yes! If you determine you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason, simply email me at within 7 days of purchase and I will generate a full refund within 48 hours. No questions asked!

How long do I have to access the course and the facebook group?

Forever. Once you purchase the course you will have lifetime access to its contents.

Is the course self-study or supervised learning?

The videos and assignments are self-study. The accompanying private Facebook group for survivors of narcissistic abuse is a realtime forum to discuss the course, your progress in recovery, and get support for yourself.

Is this original content or videos already on YouTube?

This course is all original content. A lot of time, research, and thought was put into creating an accessible and results-oriented course that can help you further your recovery.

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